Funny, ha ha.

Sometimes Alan thinks it's funny to screw up my nice shots.  Maybe if I publicly humiliate him, he'll stop.  Maybe.  


  For everyone out there who enjoys our work and has appreciated their wedding pictures that we have captured for them, this is the man who started it all!  Without him, we probably would not be on this fun ride we call photography.   He started shooting way back when...


We were asked by a Canadian cousin of ours to photograph her wedding.  Of course we said yes!  Location was near Niagara Falls, and right along Lake Ontario, so you know everything was gorgeous...a photographer's heaven.  Congratulations coz! - Photo by Josh

Moonlit kiss

Very pleased with the reception location last night at Captain Ron's. Obviously the moon came at the perfect time too!   Photo by Josh


I'm really not sure what to say about this one, other than "hahahahahaha." Love it.   Photo by Josh

Golden fields

We try to take advantage of every spare minute at weddings. This shot was taken out behind a gas station while the groomsmen made a stop for beverages. Thanks, Kristin, for enduring the 100 degree Missouri weather! It turned out to be one of my favorite photos of the...

68 Shoots for 2009

Well, 2009 has come and gone, and the numbers are out. I was kind of curious about how many jobs we did over the year so I decided to count them. 68 total!! That's crazy, but I guess that's why we felt busy. We specialize in weddings, but we also cover a lot of senior...


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